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Airsoft FAQs

Q. What is Airsoft?

A. Airsoft is a military simulation sport in which players engage in combat with fake weapons and military tactics. Airsoft guns usually use 6 mm spherical pellets made of solid plastic. It was first designed and marketed in the United States about 30 years ago. Airsoft was created for a purely recreational activity in mind, for people who enjoy target practice or simply having fun with friends. The design of airsoft revolves on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot a lightweight pellet. It produces lower impact energy with a less damaging projectile that is accurate enough to be fun.


Q. How realistic is an Airsoft gun?
A. They are very realistic. Sometimes even law enforcement officers are unable to distinguish them from the real thing. They are and used it their training


Q. How do I carry an airsoft gun?

A. Always transport airsoft guns in enclosed containers such as plastic cases.


Q. How to distinguish between a real gun and an airsoft gun?

A. All airsoft guns have an orange tip that tells people that the gun is not real.


Q. How are the gas, spring and electric airsoft guns different from each other?

A. Gas guns use a gas propellant as power, loaded into the bottom of the magazine. When you pull the trigger the gas is released, launching the BB. There is an excellent feature of the gas guns know as the Blowback. Blowback takes the realism of an airsoft gun to a higher level. After firing a BB the gun’s slide will move backwards and load another BB just as a real gun does.


The spring guns are entry level gun. The slide must be cocked for every shot, causing a delay in firing. However they are relatively cheap and easy to maintain. When you cock the slide, the spring attached to the piston is compressed. When the trigger is pulled the spring is released, the air in the cylinder is compressed and the BB is launched. They have the least number of parts that can break making them the more durable than any other airsoft gun.


Electric guns use batteries as power to the motor. The motor runs a gear that compresses air in the cylinder. When the trigger is pulled the air is released and the BB is launched.  The most common choice of electric guns are AEGs, fully automatic very powerful and low maintenance cost. AEGs are also very easy to upgrade and are a very popular choice among airsoft players.



Q. What is the average range of an airsoft gun?
A. Airsoft guns usually have an effective average range of about 55 yards. The spring guns can shoot accurately up to 40 yards, the gas guns up to 60 yards and the electric guns up to 70 yards. However these can vary depending on the BBs used.






Q.  I have heard there are three types of AEGs Entry Level, High Grade Entry Level and High Grade AEGs, what is the difference between them?

A.  The entry level AEGs are for beginner, very cheap and come with a lot of cool accessories and the real feeling to make the player fall in love with the game. They do not have as high accuracy as the other AEGs and they only work with .12g BBs. Made up of plastic, they are very difficult and costly to upgrade. Still they are a bargain for the price at which they are available.
High grade entry level AEGs are generally mid level AEGs, having a better quality than the entry level AEGs but at a slightly more price. However these are consider as the best bargains in airsoft due to their value for money. They have the same realistic features as all airsoft. The big advantage over the entry level AEGs is that is can be easily upgraded. They can be transformed into high grade AEGs with a fraction of the cost of a high grade gun. And they are usually geared up for use of .20g BBs, which are usually used by skilled players.

The high grade AEGs are the top of the line AEGs. Their main advantages are upgradeability, reliability, availability of parts and most of the times they come with a manufacturer's warranty. Internal gearboxes are always metal. The construction material and plastics used are of the best quality. Many of these guns come fully upgraded with full metal bodies. Most of them have parts that are interchangeable with the other high grade AEGs and in some cases can use real steel parts. As far as upgrading and accessorizing go the sky is the limit. These guns are usually equipped for use with .20g -.25g BBs


Q. What is the difference between fully automatic and semi automatic gun?  

A. In the fully automatic mode after the trigger is pulled the gun keeps firing until the trigger is release. In the semi automatic mode when the trigger is pull the gun only fires once.


Q. What is a BB?

A. A BB is a small spherical plastic ball used as ammo for a airsoft gun.

Q. How do BBs affect the game?

A. BBs come in different sizes and weights. The more the weight of the BB the higher the impact force they have and the lower the weight the fast the BB travels.  The accuracy and precision of your shot depend on the BBs, the more perfectly shaped have a higher level of precision.


Q. What do the numbers mean on the BBs?
A. The numbers refer to the weight of the BBs. The unit used for measuring weight is grams (g). Every player has a different game which works on a specific weight of BB. Also the guns have specified weight as well. For spring airsoft guns and entry level electric guns a .12g BB is used, which is the lightest weight BB available. For gas airsoft guns and AEGs a .20g BB is used, it is a medium weight BB. A .25g BB is the heaviest of the BBs and is recommended for high grade gas guns and electric rifles.



Q. Can I use the standard .177 pellets or 4.5mm copper BBs?
A.  Never! These types of BBs are not compatible with airsoft guns and may damage the gun itself, rendering the warranty void.


Q. What is a Hop-Up?
A. The Hop-Up is used to put spin on the BB, to eliminate an offset caused by gravity, air friction and the wind making the BB travel further. When the BB is launched, there is a friction put on the upper side of it by the Hop-up causing the BB to spins upwards.



Q. Can these gun cause injuries?

A. Yes they can. However they cannot cause any life threatening injuries, but caution is required. If BB’s hit the eye you can become blind. 


Q. What precaution should I take and what type of protective gear is available for Airsoft?
A. In any sport protection is necessary and airsoft is no different. All players should have eye protection when playing. Safety glasses should be worn by the players and anyone in the area where the game is being played. However it would be better if a player uses a full face protection, in this case a mask is required. The mask will completely protect your face including eyes. If you can afford, you should buy a tactical vest, these BBs can cause cut and bruises as well.

All airsoft guns purchased from this site will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law.
AirsoftRC does not ship nor sell airsoft guns to any address in the state of New York. if ordered, all guns will be removed/refunded & any remaining items will be shipped.