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Troubleshooting Your New Airsoft Gun

New users usually complain about their airsoft gun being defective on arrival (DOA). However this is not true, at least 9 out of 10 times. The case here is that the person does not know how to use the gun properly. The following steps are your guide to use and take care of your airsoft gun.

Step 1: Charging the battery

When you receive your item the battery will be empty or almost empty. Using the gun with a drained battery can cause damage to its spring, gear or motor. You should always charge your battery completely before you use your item especially when it is the first time. If the gun’s rate of fire and trigger response decreases you know it’s time to stop and recharge the battery.

Step 2- Filling the Magazine

Some airsoft guns are equipped with speed loader type magazines. Those usually don’t cause any problems unless there is a problem with the BB locking mechanism or the spring. The high capacity ratchet type magazine is known to cause most new user problems. This is just because they don’t know how to use it. Please keep in mind that due to the lack of spring tension the last 10-20 BBs will not move to the feeder tube. To keep them moving you should always try to keep the magazines full or at least have more than 25 BBs. The best thing you can do is get a fully loaded hi-cap magazine, wind it until you hear the "Click". After the click you can fill it up with additional BBs. Before firing make sure that the magazine is well seated in its place. It sometimes takes about 30 to 45 seconds of winding before you here the click.

Step 3 – Setting the Hop-up

One of the most common mistakes a new Airsoft user makes is forgetting to set the hop-up or to make matters worse, turn it up to full. To have a flat trajectory the Hop-up mechanism is used. It puts spin on the BB helping it control the trajectory. The BB drops quickly in case of a little hop-up. To a more hop-up the BB will arc up and could end up being jammed. It is best advised that you follow the manufacturers guide is order to prevent an accidents from happening.

General Tips

Once you have set the hop-up correctly you are ready to use the gun. However it is advised that you wash the gun before you start using, even a new airsoft gun is dirty. You should use a silicon lubricant to wash it. Don’t use too much lube or your gun will become a dust magnet. Another problem that new users face is sometime the semi trigger gets stuck. This problem is very easy to get rid of just put your gun to auto and fire a few rounds, switch back to semi and you are free.

If you are still having problems using your new Airsoft gun please contact us.


man are they quick! I mean I purchased, and it was shipped out the same day, while I bought it mid-day too. And then it arrived a couple days later. Even the box wasn't damaged as with other orders I've ordered from other sellers. The D.E. M83 is nice, good secondary backup rifle, better than described. I will definitely buy from them again! Seriously love the prompt service, couldn't be happier!

Alex Nguyen

these guys are awesome, and fast!


The D95 is a pretty nice gun it hurts a lot and it has a great distance, the only thing I don't like about it is the clip comes loose other than that it's really good


THANKS AirsoftRC!!!! I'm now the greatest uncle and dad in nineteen love from SSG Jones at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Michael j
All airsoft guns purchased from this site will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law.
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