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The Importance of Good Airsoft BBs

This is a case of “big things come in small sizes”. Although small and relatively inexpensive they play an important part in the performance and level of your game. Their quality also determines how well your airsoft will be maintained. They are available in almost every toy and sport shop, it is advised that you don’t buy these pellets from there. These shops have low quality BBs as well as low quality airsoft. Using BBs bought from them can damage the gearbox of your high end airsoft. Buy high quality BBs from and get excellent performance from your Airsoft Gun.

The inner barrel of an airsoft gun has a diameter of approximately 6.04mm.Exceeding this limit can lead to barrel jams or broken pistons. BBs manufactured under low standards usually are not in perfect spherical shapes and have imperfections in the mould. Due to the low quality material used in production they leave shavings behind. Their imperfect shape can cause worse problems, the BB can get stuck in the barrel causing a jam. This leads to a major gearbox problem for AEG Airsoft Guns. If the airsoft is used before the jam is cleared it could lead to a broken piston or worse cause the gears to strip.

A high quality BB is made with utmost care and caution and quality. Having a diameter in the range of 5.93-5.98mm these BBs have high precision and a greater velocity. High quality BBs have perfect shapes and are polished to create the smoothest surface possible. This leads to a safer and tighter fit of the BB in the barrel, leading to high level of precision. This perfect fit also leads to a higher launch speed leading to a greater travelling velocity. Weight plays an important role in making a good Airsoft BB. The weight ranges from .12 grams to .36 grams. A good BB is usually within this range. The one with a higher weight will have a higher impact force and the one with the lower weight will have a greater velocity. Buy the BBs according to your style of play. BBs with weight outside the range can damage your gun.

You can get high quality BBs from from our extensive selection.  We have  one of the largest airsoft selection in the United States. We offer  BBs made of high quality material, made with precision and of different weights to give you a variety of options. 

You should spend more on BBs rather than spending more on repairs or most probably a new gun. Using high quality BB’s is a must for all AEG Airsoft Guns.

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All airsoft guns purchased from this site will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law.
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