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LiPo: Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries. Rechargeable batteries that are known for their larger capacity, high discharge rates and light weight. The larger capacity allows the battery to hold a lot more power and the high discharge rate powers the most demanding electric motors. These two conditions, coupled with the light weight are what have made battery powered RC products, especially helicopters, a lot more viable. In the past most RC helicopters used fuel, because the traditional batteries types used for RC (NiCad and NiMH) were not very compatible. They were heavy, didn’t last long and were not always fit to power the stronger motors of larger/heavier models.

Important: LiPo batteries are quite complex in their construction and composition, so it’s recommended to charge them with the chargers that come packaged with the RC product. You can NEVER charge LiPo batteries with NiCad or NiMH battery chargers. Doing so is extremely dangerous. Because of their chemical composition incorrect charging can cause the battery to burst in flames. While different chargers can be balanced if so desired, we don’t advice doing so, unless you have an understanding of how batteries work. You should still follow a few tips even if using the compatible charger provided. Never charge the batteries unattended, use a safe and solid surface to charge and keep them in an open and well ventilated space.

GYRO: Stabilizing mechanism for RC helicopter control. Those who are familiar with flight dynamics know very well how important understanding roll, pitch and yaw can be. Of these angles of rotation yaw is of special concern when dealing with RC helicopters. When controlling RC helicopters the reactive torque produced by the rotating blades is in a constant, sometimes violent change. These changes cause the helicopter tail to swing left or right, rotating it and making control a nightmare. GYRO is a small devices included with many RC helicopter models to battle this problem. It is quipped with a sensor that detects the swings/yaw and sends a signal to the helicopter tail rotor to adjust for the swing, limiting or correcting the yaw.

RTF: Ready to Fly

RTR: Ready to Run

All airsoft guns purchased from this site will have a (1/4 inch) permanent blazing orange tip as required by US law.
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